Your lawn’s lush. And you’re flush.

Thanks to Dr. Al Caprio, Weathermiser inventor, Project Manager of NASA’s Galileo Jupiter Probe, you and your lawn will turn a nice rich green together.

Over ten years ago, Dr. Caprio perceived that automatic irrigation timer settings can create unnecessary landscape watering of up to 60% waste. Based on that, Americans are squandering an appalling 2.5 to 3.5 trillion gallons of this precious, finite commodity a year.

Thousands of success stories later, for cities and state governments and businesses and individuals across the country, the stingy little Weathermiser has been hard at work saving dramatically huge amounts of water and money. Attached to the irrigation system timer, using uniquely calibrated humidity and temperature sensors to forecast and detect weather changes, Weathermiser keeps the controller from turning sprinklers on when the humidity, dew point, evaporation and temperature levels stray from the minimum amounts required.

Simply put, Weathermiser makes sure your landscaping gets what it needs – nothing more, nothing less. Amazingly, your lawn looks better – you’re growing greener grass for less, and you’re being eco-friendly all thanks to revolutionary space technology from Weathermiser.

  Adaptable to all irrigation timer or computer
   programmed controllers.

   Simple, low-cost, ease-of-use – like a thermostat
   for your lawn.

  One unit, unlimited watering stations.



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  Industrial strength construction.

   Adaptable to all irrigation timer or computer
   programmed controllers.

   Optional Heavy Duty Security Lock Box: $39.95