Your lawn’s lush. And you’re flush.




Residential Package
  • One (1) Weathermiser Sensor/Controller attaches to your timer, works like a home thermostat;  just set it and leave it
  • Predicts weather;  proactively eliminates or cuts off unnecessary irrigation
  • Easy-to-install; up and running in 10 minutes
  • Adaptable to all irrigation timers and computers; requires only a 2-wire connection
  • Stops wasting water; starts saving 30% to 60% and more immediately
  • Uses exactly the water needed; trains your greenery to thrive on less








Commercial Package
  • One (1) Weathermiser Sensor/Controller with industrial strength construction impervious to heavy-duty use and wear-and-tear.
  • Virtually limitless irrigation applications and watering stations
  • Predicts weather, proactively eliminates or cuts off unnecessary irrigation
  • Adaptable to all irrigation timer or computer programmed controllers.
  • Simple low-cost ease-of-use – like a thermostat for your landscaping.
  • Excellent for zeriscaped landscapes
  • Adjustable for all mini climates
  • Qualifies as a stand-alone E/T evaporation sensor
  • Month-to-Month agreement
  • *Limited Lifetime Warranty   For all current customers, except for user neglect and abuse, send the unit back and  we’ll replace your Weathermiser free of charge



Purchase: **$499.00 **Lifetime Warranty terms do not apply
$0 $24.95



Additional Products
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Optional Heavy Duty Security Lock Box & Key:       

Keep your Weathermiser completely safe from theft and elements.