Greener Grass. Save Cash. NASA-Approved.

And here are just a few success stories out of thousands:


Conserve Water

“We’ve been using WeatherMisers since 1998 and our turf looks healthier with savings that amount to over 50%, as well.” State of New Mexico, General Services Department



Conserve Water

“We commissioned a three-year field test to measure the effectiveness of the WeatherMiser versus other water-saving technologies. At the conclusion of the study, the WeatherMiser received the highest ranking of all items tested.”



Commercial Irrigation

“Our school has been saving $24,000/season since Weathermisers were installed. We reduced the campus’ water usage from 77 million gallons to 56 million gallons in just 3 years. We also received the Green Zia Award for Excellence from the New Mexico State Environment Department, all because of Weathermiser.” John Christenson, Facility Manager, Albuquerque Academy, NM



Water Saver

“The turf looked healthier with half the water usage.”

Shelby Lucerom, Deputy Director, Department of Building Services, Santa Fe, NM



Water Saver

“Our water usage kept decreasing even while occupancy increased.”

Dave Twitchell, Engineer, Sheraton Denver Technology Center, Denver, CO

And here’s what homeowners are saying:

"I have 2.5 acres & saved $2,000 in one season."
Doug Knight, Denver, CO.

"The Weathermiser automatically adjusts our timer to the weather year-around, whether we're home or not.” Dr. Paul Anthony, MD

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  Adaptable to all irrigation timer or computer
   programmed controllers.

   Simple, low-cost, ease-of-use – like a thermostat
   for your lawn.

  One unit, unlimited watering stations.



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  Industrial strength construction.

   Adaptable to all irrigation timer or computer
   programmed controllers.

   Optional Heavy Duty Security Lock Box: $39.95